Offers and Contact


My main offering is community. A dialogue open for anyone to join, about a topic, that many shy away from.

Being in community means not feeling alone. Shared spaces with shared and sharing experiences.

This is my offer to you.

In the offline world, I facilitate workshops, give talks and write articles around the topics you find within these pages. My most requested ones are:

  • Cycle Awareness // Menstrual Empowerment
  • Safe sharing spaces for women*
  • Reclaiming the Vee: musings on names for often nameless bodyparts
  • Transnational Feminism, and the need for it today
  • Genderneutral and inclusive language (focussed mostly on German language)

If you would like to host an event, or have an idea you would like to collaborate on with me, I’m always happy to chat about possibilities!

Reach me through the following contact form