Managing the Flow

Every body is different, so naturally there is not the one ultimate product or solution for every person when it comes to choosing how to manage your flow (this is my way of talking about the so-called ‘menstrual hygiene products’.. all just word-y efforts to get around saying “collecting your blood”).

Perhaps because I am a scientist, or because I am a curious person, or simply because I like trying out new things, I’ve made it my mission over the past couple of months to try out many different ways of flow management (the sponge experience certainly was exciting!).

Speaking with some women* at an impromptu lunch women*s circle in LA a couple of weeks ago, I realized that sharing my experience with the various products I’ve tried might be helpful for some folks out there. While I don’t expect that your experience would be identical to mine, you will at least have a real person to relate to and not some rating-bot on amazon or similar online vendors. I promise you: all of my reviews will be truthful accounts of my own experience!

Stay tuned as I update this page with reviews of what worked and — of course! — also what did not work for me.