Eco Pads
I am passionate about creating a space for dialogue
and empowerment around the topic of menstruation. 
One of the ways in which I work to achieve this is by facilitating workshops.

Cycle M Power

I understand my workshops as safe spaces for the exchange of knowledge and experience. The focus in my Cycle_M_Power workshops lies on the wisdom that each of us carries within ourselves and our life experiences. I truly believe that by learning from and listening to each other, we come to realize our own strength and find the potential that emerges from being in community.

I base the specific content and structure of the workshops on an assessment of the needs of the community. We can always dynamically adapt the topics we cover based on what areas of interest are brought up by the participants. The following list therefore is not exhaustive, but simply is meant to give you an idea of what I can integrate into a workshop:

  • Body knowledge: biological basis of the hormonal cycle (including influences on energy fluctuations and cognitive changes).
  • Nutritional knowledge: supportive foods and herbs for different stages of the cycle.
  • Societal knowledge: entanglement of menstruation with constructions of gender.
  • Environmental knowledge: the impact of menstrual management on the environment and the body.
  • Political knowledge: intersection of reproductive health and the right to education, as well as labor laws.

If any of this resonates with you, or you have a different topic in mind that you think I might be of help to you with, please leave me comment below! I am always happy to collaborate and find ever more and exciting ways to break the taboo around menstruation and give this issue the space it deserves.

Here is an example of the flyer advertising my last workshops (german)