Female Empowerment, Poetry, Symbols

The Box

Can you see the box,
The box you use to box yourself in,
At the edge of your awareness?

Can you sense the edges,
The edges of your self-built confinement,
At times barely perceptible,
other times smotheringly tight?

Can you hear the calling of your soul,
Your potential,
Your thousand unlived lives,
Beckoning for you to set yourself free?

Free from the boundaries of
Your limiting beliefs.
From your self-judgments of
Adequacy and deservedness.

Can you see the box
You have built around yourself,

And decide today

In the blink of an eye,

In one precious moment,






The Concert

I am here.

Like everyone else, I assume I am here to listen to music.

Suddenly – a shove.

You push in front of me. You and your two gangsta friends. You push yourself in front of me,                                        as if I wasn’t there.

And I don’t react.

Not outwardly. Inside – I am raging.

Time passes and with each minute, the frequency of the hompphobic and misogynist shit that leaves your mouth increases. I’m getting sick from these verbal excretions of yours. I’m gettin sick. From keeping all of this inside.

The music starts and as the rhythm enters my body, my feet begin to move as if they had a life of their own. Slowly… slowly… Slowly, I let myself drift away..with the intelligent, poetic words.


Suddenly, I am shoved again. New Person. Same gender.

– Male –

He stands in front of me in blatant disregard of the space I am occupying. I just occupied. Past tense.

The space was stolen from me. And still. I am silent.

A living, breathing, feeling, dancing being.

Yet somehow made invisible. By you. But what’s much worse.

Also by me.