Menstrual Cycle

A lesson in humility

Somewhere in the depths of my mind, this knowledge was burried: when you sneeze, you squeeze your pelvic muscles [automatically!] at the same time.

Now imagine the following scenario:

You are at work. Wearing your freshly washed, beige (!) dress pants. When suddenly, out of no-where, you have to sneeze. Normally, this wouldn’t be an event worth thinking twice – , much less write about. If, however, you are in the test-phase of “how it feels to use a sea sponge instead of tampons (see my last post)”, this is a totally different story!

You see, sea sponges are absorbent. And this is great! It’s what qualifies them as healthy, beautiful, ecological alternatives to tampons. They also have the wonderful property of releasing the fluids they absorbed when squeezed tightly. This property, again, is valuable because it makes the sponges re-usable. Unfortunately … as we’ve established in the beginning:

Sneezing = Squeezing pelvic muscles

Squeezing pelvic muscles = squeezing sponge

–> sponge releases blood

And voilá! You now have blood all over your beige dress pants… while at the office … with nothing to change into. Congratulations!

Let me tell you, I wish I had put 2+2 together prior to doing this little self-experiment with sea sponges. But hey. You live and learn, right? Next time, when in doubt, wear a (cloth) panty liner or eco-pad [both available as cloth/silk options, hurray!] to be on the safe side. For now though, a new item awaits on the self-experimentation list: moon cups!

[Author’s note: Yes. I admit it. I’ve talked about using moon cups before and even pretended to have used them, in order to persuade other women to use them too. Oh boy… I’m not proud of that one!]